UBAS Technology
Innovative Thin Lift paving provides strong wearing course at a more efficient price.

UBAS Innovation

UBAS is a high-performance thin overlay that uses an award-winning technology that seals the existing road surface and provides a new, skid-resistant, smooth & thin 5/8” HMA wearing course.

Polymer asphalt membrane seals and protects the surface and provides superior bonding of the ultra-thin mix to the pavement. The open-graded HMA provides a durable, skid-resistant surface that provides smoothness by correcting minor deficiencies. 

Recently McAnany Construction has received a patent for bringing UBAS technology to residential and local streets. Prior to our development UBAS was not available to this class of streets. This development has provided municipalities a more affordable solution with less damage to the existing infrastructure.

We started a UBAS residential program with the City of Lenexa in 2015 with extraordinary results.

In 2020 we began a residential UBAS program with the City of Papillion Nebraska. In two seasons we have completed 50 lane miles and will complete another 250 lane miles over the next 8 years.

“In 2015 the City of Lenexa contracted with McAnany Construction to begin using UBAS on our residential and collector roadways. The City’s automated pavement evaluation (using Paver PCI’s) had a 11 point increase in our city wide average PCI as well as a decrease in IRI. Given this surface treatment improves the IRI by removing surface irregularities, we saw an added benefit of our snow removal process being more effective. Since implementing UBAS, we believe it has increased the level of our service to our citizens as well as the overall satisfaction of our roadways.”

Pavement Management Coordinator
City of Lenexa, Kansas