UBAS Technology

Discover How UBAS Will Work For Your Residential Resurfacing Project.

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UBAS Technology

Discover How UBAS Will Work For Your Residential Resurfacing Project.

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The Faster, Stronger, Better Solution for Your Residential Street Resurfacing Needs

Ultrathin Bonded Asphalt Surface (UBAS) is a revolutionary process that streamlines residential street resurfacing, delivering an armor coat for existing roads concentrated into just a 5/8” overlay.

UBAS’ innovative application combines steps, spraying emulsion while laying hot mix asphalt simultaneously, resulting in no tracking along other streets or oil spray on vehicles. The result is a long-lasting, flexible and smoother surface you can drive on almost immediately.

McAnany was the first to bring UBAS to local and residential streets. UBAS is the only process of its kind being used residentially.

Faster, Stronger, Better


  • Requires less time and materials versus other methods such as mill and overlay, delivering a much more cost-effective solution.
  • Limits stress on existing infrastructure by removing less of existing roads to maintain the majority of the pavement thickness.
  • Eco-friendly and eases road wear in the process – reducing fuel costs, heavy traffic and emissions, with only 30% of material to haul away and requiring much less local-sourced aggregate.
  • Process prevents hazardous loose chips – safer for pedestrians and nonautomotive-wheeled travelers.

How UBAS Works

UBAS is a single-day, in-and-out resurfacing process that minimizes resident disruption.


  • Removing 1/2” of material off the surface.
  • Causes much less damage versus the 2” required on a traditional mill and overlay, which helps preserve road integrity.
  • Creates a consistent yet rough, jagged surface for EBL bonding oil to stick.


Our specialized paver completes the remaining steps all at once:

  • EBL is sprayed while HMA is laid and compacted. (Spray paver distributes emulsion bonding fluid directly in front of the hot mix asphalt before the screed strikes off the mat, sprayed at two-tenths to twenty-five hundredths, which is 4-5 times the tack oil rate.)
  • Strong bond between tack oil and aggregate forms.
  • No loose chips.

A smooth, strong surface coating forms quickly, flexible enough to hide any bumps or divots on the road being repaved. Surface is ready to drive on almost immediately.

Visualizing UBAS

UBAS In Action


Over 3 million square yards

(over 425 lane miles) of residential UBAS


Over 500,000 SY complete

2 million SY (285 lane miles) ongoing to 2029


We have completed

UBAS for Lenexa, Overland Park, Roeland Park, Mission, Raytown, Edgerton, De Soto, Prairie Village, Shawnee and Westwood.